Why choose Gilchrist?
In business since 1932
We exceed all Interac, Visa, Master Card and International regulations
Simple online web reporting system

What is needed to have an ATM?
Only a regular 110 V power outlet

How long does it take to get an ATM?
Usually within 2 to 5 business days

Hours of operation?
You will have access to our service centre
By phone, email or text 24/7

How many transactions are required?
On a monthly basis a minimum of 100 transactions make an ATM worthwhile, depending on surcharge amount.

How long does it take to transfer funds?
The surcharge plus funds are usually transferred the next business day.
Some exceptions apply to holidays and weekends.

How do I find out the number of transactions my ATM performs?
Gilchrist will email a statement each month with details
Customer owned and filled ATM’s have access through the internet to view money levels and transactions.

What do I do if the ATM dispenses the wrong amount of money requested?
This is rare but the card holder simply contacts us and we’ll do a trace request with their banking institution.

Are there any operating costs?
No costs are incurred when connected to the internet. If there is no internet, a phone line or monthly cell line can be incurred.

Do you provide signage?
Yes, Gilchrist provides a variety types of signage. Sidewalk A Frames, Lite Signs, Banners and Metal Outdoor signs